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Looking for a Deal on California Wine? Just Wait a Bit, Discounts are Coming

Looking for a good deal on some California wine? Be patient, the recession will bring you opportunity.

While enjoying local music at a Paso Robles winery the owner came by for a moment and shared candid thoughts about the impact of the recession many believe is already here.

Surprisingly he shared with us his on-site sales are down $100,000. I asked, what period of time and he mentioned the previous three months.

Visiting another winery the same week I queried the wine host about sales and he shared, “People are quitting the wine club because it’s a discretionary purchase. We share info among the other wineries and they’re seeing the same decline.”

What does that mean for you and I? While sales are slowing down the cases of wine are stacking up. Wineries will need to move product to make room for current production. When you have too much product you cut the price and have a sale.

So don’t be surprised if your wine club calls to offer you 30% off (when you already receive 20% off) your already expensive wine. My suggestion is to ask for a better discount, like 40% or 50%. One winery in Paso offers 60% off on Black Friday between 6am and 10am, 50% the remainder of the day.

And let’s see what happens to retail wines. Wine consumption is growing slower in this country than some big companies want (proof of this comes with IRI Research reporting in home wine consumption is down 5.7% over the 52 weeks. Whiskey is the the growth area for liquor companies.

I can hear my phone ringing right now.

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