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Exploring California’s Bottles of Wine, One Winery at a Time

The Golden State is home to 3,674 wineries producing New & Old World Wines the envy of wine makers. That’s 47% of all US wineries. While there is a lot of great wine in other countries, other states, a California bottle of wine is one of our favorites (and we suspect yours too). Our site is dedicated to the regions, terroirs & appelations throughout California creating great bottles of wine. It’s a guide for you to explore California wine areas.

Everybody has their favorite California Bottle of Wine. Some like expensive, some like value, some like taste. We believe the best wine in the world is the wine you like most, whether that be a Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah or Cabernet.

Recent Winery Visits – Trends in Wine

California Wines on the Central Coast: Onx Wines

Don’t have a chateau to show off your estate bottle of wine? Cluster your tasting rooms in a spiffed up industrial parks where wine fans can sample multiple California wines without having to careen throughout the countryside in their E-jalopies. The movement of wine makers clustering themselves in industrial buildings sometimes called ‘ghettos’ to ‘tin … Continue Reading California Wines on the Central Coast: Onx Wines