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Winery Recommendations For A Good Bottle of Wine in Napa

Seeking an Interesting Bottle of Wine in Napa

For a Good Bottle of Wine in Napa, here are recommendations from the notes of Doug & Laura Schrippa. Napa County has a constricted wine tasting environment as it has struggled with its success. Wineries started after July of 1990 are not allowed to have open retail hours. Visitors must have an appointment. This is due to the 1990 Winery Definition Ordinance restricting non-legacy wineries from having tours and tastings open to the public. The C19 Pandemic has also forced wineries to a reservation system.

White Hall Lane – Cabernet Sauvignon is great.

Cake Bread – Loved their Pinot Noir, it was the best of that particular visit through Napa.

Sequoia Grove – You’ll need to try their Petit Sirah.

Opus – At $45 per glass, it’s overrated, but has been great in the past. Accessable only with an appointment.

Culinary Institute of America at Greystone – This is a great dining experience, with wonderful wine pairings.

V. Sattui Winery –  There are better wines, but this is a wonderful place for sitting and lunching, with a deli attached. Their Mideira is a wonderful after diner wine, made of Zin and fortified with brandy. Tasting fees start at $40 with reservation.