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Edna Valley (San Luis Obispo)

Finding a Good Bottle of Wine in Edna Valley

Great California Wine is found in Edna Valley, south of San Luis Obispo, and here are our recommendations. We’ve written about the wineries with links. These are listed in the order of our preference, start at the top and work your way down as you taste through the valley.

Just like our wines we are ranking wineries we’ve visited with our star system. When you see ✰++ you need to visit this winery, with a -✰, not so much. Ranked from best to least in descending order.

✰++ Chamisal Vineyards – A wonderful patio area provides the perfect place to savor their wines. They’re a little pricey. Enjoy their Syrah….good stuff.

✰++ Sextant – Located in the ‘old town’ area of Edna Valley, wines from Albarino, Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, Zinfandel & Syrah. A deli is attached with tables available outside for lunch. They also host a wine taste venue in Paso Robles off Hwy 46 West.

✰++ Saucellito Canyon– We visited for their Zins and were not disappointed. Spent a wonderful lunch time here on their grass picnic area enjoying their wine on a sunny warm winter day. Like them on Yelp and receive a free tasting and purchase discount.

✰++ Sans Liege- They  have a urban store fronts in Pismo Beach and Tin City in Paso Robles. With eclectic names like ‘Fool’s Errand’ and ‘The Offering’ you should stop here and savor their wines.

✰+ Stephen Ross Wine Cellars- In an industrial park south of San Luis Obispo, known for their Pinot Noir.

✰+ Phantom Rivers – A restored 1880’s house in the middle of Arroyo Grande. Savor their 2009 Zinfandel & their non-vintage Cosmic Red (with a little port like wine added to it.)

✰+ Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards- A classic farm style wine tasting, very family feel. We spent a half hour chatting with the family patriarch sitting in his golf cart in the parking lot. We enjoyed their Three Amigos GSM. They also offer hard cider.

✰ Talley Vineyards- Some nice wines served in an estate.

✰ Peloton Cellars- An urban tasting room in Avila Beach with cycling decorations.

✰ Edna Valley Vineyards – They are now a Gallo product but still pouring wine tastes at the facility.  They’re pricey, with $20 taste in the bar, $40 on the patio.

Kynsi Winery – Our last visit in 2021 was less than stellar. We were disappointed in their hospitality. Go here for their wines and their gardens surrounding their tasting area, full of hummingbirds and fragrance.

✰ Autry Cellars – Winemaker Steven Autry is making spirits along with his wine. Much of his grape is from Still Waters Wines in Paso Robles. Try their Sauvignon Blanc & Primitovo.

✰ Baileyana Winery – An old refurbished school house with a European blending style. The first time around no wines sang for us, but recently we visited and enjoyed their 2012 Trenza Mosaico & 2012 Trenza Tinto, both at $33.

✰ Clairborne & Churchill – Good spread of wines including Gewurztraminer & Riesling, Piniot Noir and Malbec. They have very nice grounds for a picnic with an outdoor tasting bar.

✰ Wolff Vineyards – Sip their Syrah, nice.

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