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California Bottle of Wine’s W.I.N.O. Pledge

While looking for a good interesting California bottle of wine you’ll inevitably run into people expounding the virtues of their great wines along with their ‘best in the world’ wine club membership with a 10 year wait list to join. Or they’ll tell you about a great cropped-caliwinebottletopper2012.jpgwine that is ‘earthy and bold with hints of berry, chocolate, leather and spice,’ and you’ll wonder how they can taste all these things at once?

Well, we get it. Some people’s palates are more sophisticated than others while some people are just ostentatious about their wine.

We’re not ostentatious about our wine, we’re wine laissez faire egalitarians. We’re all about interesting wine. We believe you should enjoy wine you like! As we’ve described before, there are two types of people, those who like lima beans and those who cannot stand the taste of lima beans. Why should these two groups of people like the same wine?

Taste and enjoy other people’s wine while exploring your wine world to find a bottle of wine you enjoy. It will probably be a moving target (after all you palate will change over time – that’s why we keep tasting!)

So take this pledge

The W.I.N.O. Pledge

I understand my best wine in the world is the wine I like.

I understand  everyone’s palate is different, therefore other people will enjoy different wines than I will.

There are 4,000+ wineries in California.

There are 8,000+ other wineries
in the United States

I’m only looking for 10 good wineries to satisfy
my palate. I have a lot of wine to explore.

The average citizen in the United States consumes 3.18 gallons of wine every year.

I promise to keep up my end of that deal.

Finally, I am a W.I.N.O.,  because,

Wine Is Not Ostentatious!

Now, print this up and sign it. Then, go out and explore an interesting California Bottle of Wine!

Signed ___________________ & _____________________

This Date ______________________________

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