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Graveyard Vineyards – Paso Robles’ Quiet Wine Tasting

Finding elbow space at wineries in the Pleasant Valley Trail (the northeast quadrant of Paso Robles) isn’t hard.copyright 2013

So the next time you’re in Paso Robles make sure you visit this very distinct region. You’ll find it north of Highway 46, east of Highway 101. Wineries in this area have banded together creating the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail and we highly recommend you spend time here.

Cutting through Paso Robles on our way to Monterey and then onto Sonoma, we stopped at Graveyard Vineyards. It is aptly named, sitting atop a hill overlooking the local cemetery. In fact, as the story is told, when the owners moved to set up shop, they were invited to sit on the board of directors for the

cemetery. When they accepted, they asked who else was on the board of directors. “Why, just you!” they were told.

‘Save some quiet time when you next visit Paso and visit this region with it’s distinct flavor and beautiful panoramas.’

They make the most of their graveyard proximity and hang their hat on graveyard metaphors. Names like tombstone, mortal sin, dark phantom and deliverance sprinkle their product line. Their tag line?  D.I.P. – Drink In Peace.

copyright 2013
Graveyard Vineyards sits atop the hill overlooking this graveyard.

Here’s what we tasted:

Tombstone White – blends of four white wines $14 ✰
Tombstone Red – their house blend of reds $15 ✰
Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $38 ✰+
Power of Corruption And Lies- a red blend $36 ✰
Dark Phantom Petite Sirah  $36 ✰+
Deliverance – Premium Port infused with chocolate $28 ✰++

We enjoyed most of their wines but fell in love with their Deliverance. It’s a premium port infused with chocolate, and you can smell that coming with your glass on the table! I always think eating chocolate with any wine gives you false sense of the wine’s quality, so I won’t eat chocolate with wine. I want to taste the wine unfettered by other flavors.

Graveyard bypassed munching on chocolate and bottled it up in their port. We highly recommend it and bought three bottles during our stop. Save some quiet time when you next visit Paso and visit this region with it’s distinct flavor and beautiful panoramas. copyright 2013

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