Pleasant Valley Wine Trail – Northeast Quadrant Daytrip

The Pleasant Valley Wine Trail is a hidden gem waiting for your discovery. After you have explored  the 46 E. corridor and the West side spend the day visiting this rolling hill vista filled from horizon to horizon with rows of vine.

The vintners in this area have formed an advertising co-op to let you know about their offerings. You may get more information from them at

The Executive Summary – Eight Wineries To Visit In One Day

Starting from the east side, driving west toward Highway 101, you’ll enjoy these wineries.

J&J Cellars -2850 Ranchito Road – $5 tasting fee – – 805-467-2891

Graveyard Cellars – 6994 Estrella Road – No tasting fee – – 805-467-2043

Silver Horse – 2995 Pleasant Road – $5 tasting fee – – 805-467-WINE

First Crush – 2995 Pleasant Road – $5 tasting fee – – 805-467-9490

Tassajara – 2995 Pleasant Road – $5 tasting fee – – 805-610-3651

River Star – 7450 Estralla Road – ? tasting fee – – 805-467-0086

Pretty-Smith – 13350 River Road – ? tasting fee – – 805-467-3104

Locatelli – 8585 Cross Canyons Rd. – ? tasting fee – – 805-467-0067

The Deep Description of Each Winery We’ve Visited

J&J Cellars

We started our trip in the early afternoon driving around Hog Canyon Road before we finally came to J&J Cellars located on 2850 Ranchita Canyon Road. Its large tasting room sits atop a small knoll overlooking a vista of wine vines. The beautiful stucco building with a very friendly staff. As well, their price points were very attractive on their wines. Let’s get on to their offerings.

2010 Juliet Fiero  Chardonnay

2008 J&J Cellas Estate Tempranillo

2008 J&J Cellars Estate Merlot

2009 Autumn Flight Zinbera

2009 J&J Cellars Temptres (Tempranillo and Souzao)

Autumn Flight Non-vintage Barbera

They create between 200 and 4,200 cases of their wine per year. The listing above does not include some of the other wines they create. There are two  brands they sell, Autumn Flight one on the economy side and another brand that’s a bit more expensive (the J&J brand).) Their price points for the wine above for the wine range from $16-$29. We purchased about 2009 Autumn Flight Zinbera for $16.  As the name suggests it’s a blend of Zinfandel and Barbera. As You Can See We Enjoy the Wines, They’re Very Interesting. As you can see, we enjoyed the wines, they were all very interesting and drinkable. Make sure you stop and visit.

Graveyard Vineyards

Winding your way up a gravel road, we see the reason behind the name, at the foot of the hill is an old graveyard. Wander past the graveyard up the hill and you’ll find Graveyard Vineyards located at 6994 Estralla Road.

Their beautiful wine tasting room sits next to a good-sized lake (yes there were people fishing there.) the building reminded us of a barn. And I guess the sliding doors you enter are a good clue also. This was a great stop and an absolute must wine tasting stop for you.

Their offerings:

2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Tombstone White

2008 Viognier

Tombstone Pink

✰  Tombstone Read

+ 2008 Paso Robles Syrah

+ 2009 Mortal Zin

2009 Paso Cabernet Sauvignon

+ 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

✰  2006 Power Corruption & Lies

✰+  Dark Phantom Petit Sirah

++ Deliverance (their port – enfused with chocolate)

As you can see by their naming conventions, they take this graveyard thing to heart. One of their wine clubs is named Grapeful Dead, they sell T-shirts emblazoned with Drink in Peace and they sell wine gift boxes in the shape of a coffin. They even have a full-size coffin made of rustic Pine you may purchase.

There was no charge for the tasting. While we were there we met one of the owners who shared  the news of their Platinum Medal for their port, Deliverance. While we don’t normally drink port, she insisted. Once we told her we were consumer wine judges at the competition, we were all very excited to taste all of their wines.

The prices of their wine range from $14-$38. We purchased three bottles, Mortal Zin, Dark Phantom Petite Sirah And the Deliverance. And now we know why it won a platinum at the competition we attended. It was wonderful, and we think you’ll enjoy it too.

Silver Horse

First Crush


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