A Bottle of Wine From Limestone – Calcareous Winery

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Touring wine country looking for your perfect bottle of wine, you taste a lot of bottom-of-the-barrel wine. Or, as we say, you must kiss a lot of ugly frogs before you find your beautiful prince or princess. In all of our wine tasting, we’ve only found two wineries creating an entire flight of wine satisfying […]

Bottle of Wine From Paso Robles – Denner’s Mother of Exiles

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‘Mother of Exiles’ – Bordeaux Style Blend A Bottle of Wine From Paso Robles’ Coastal Hills Denner Vineyards’ ‘Mother of Exiles’ doesn’t sound like a bottle of wine, it sounds more like a movie about the matriarchal leader of rebels crouching in the jungle. Instead, it’s a Bordeaux style blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, […]

A Justification For Changing Their Bottles of Wine

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Justin’s New Owners – Roll Global Buys Into A California Bottle of Wine- Is the corporatization of Justification the disintegration of a good bottle of wine? Some say yes, especially the folks working in competing Paso Robles wine tasting rooms. Many suggest this California beauty will degenerate with increased production goals of Justin’s new corporate […]