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Winery Recommendations For A Good Bottle of Wine in Paso Robles

Seeking an Interesting Bottle of Wine in Paso Robles

For a Good Bottle of Wine in Paso Robles, here are our recommendations. We’ve written about the wineries with links. In the age of Covid 19 call to make reservations as space is limited at all wineries.

Highway 46 Corridor

Tobin James, East Side Paso, Hwy 46 as you enter Paso from the east. Check out Ballistic (Zin) and ‘5’ a Bordeaux style blend. $20 tasting fee for non-members.

Eos Winery, Hwy 46 @ Airport Road is closed during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Eberle Winery – The wines don’t sing for us, but they might for you. You need to tour their Caves & check out their dogs. The dogs will literally stick to you

Robert Hall – Make sure to go on the Cave tour. We tasted a wonderful Merlot from the barrel (and Merlot is not our wine of choice.)

Glunz Family Winery & Cellars – A long time Chicago brewing family purchased this property immediately west of Tobin James and is producing wine like Grenache Blanc, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah and Sangria. No tasting fee, good pricing on wine we would classify as on the dry side.

Pear Valley Estate Wine – Their venue is beautiful, their product was spicy several years back but they’ve toned down their wines. Great hilltop garden for a wedding.

Castoro Cellars – A nice winery on Hwy 46 west of Hwy 101, some good Zins & Primitivo. They have a selection of Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc as well. They also have a disc golf course for those who want to wander the vineyard.

Minassian Young Vineyards – You’ll find a very small sign on Peachy Canyon Road that leads to some wonderful Zins. Friends gave us a bottle of this Zin and we were quite impressed, leading us to visit.

Coastal (West) Side of Paso Robles

Denner – Wonderful blends, Ditch Digger, Dirt Worshiper. They love droping a dollop of Viogner into their red blends.

Justin, Coastal West Side Paso Robles, Savant, Justification & Isosceles are always favorites, though things are have been in flux as they have new owners to which some in the community are displeased.

Turley – Good Zins

Opolo – Check out their Mountain Zin also, a favorite of ours and the folks in San Francisco.

Calcareous – On a snaking road through the canyons west of town and worth the drive. Perched atop a mountain top overlooking Paso Robles they produce some wonderful wines – a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, blends, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

Adelaida – Some good wines, enjoyed their Recess Red blend enough to buy a case special for the teachers in our life. It’s an orphan wine blend of Mourvedre, Grenache Noir, Syrah, Zin, Pinot and Carignon.)  Don’t  plan on lunch here as there were goats somewhere nearby and the flies were competing for our lunch.

Lone Madrone – Worth the visit, some tasty whites & reds. They only use the wine room, not an estate.

Brecon Estate – A newcomer to the area, Damian and his wife are producing tasty wines and worth a visit. He’s Welsh, she’s Australian, so of course she has a white blend named ‘Conviction’.

Kukkula – Taste NV pas de deux & sisu (their spelling)

Hunter Ranch – What was formerly a small farm house tasting room is becoming an ‘ediface tasting room’ with Rhone Valley style blends, a Syrah & Cabernet.

Tablas Creek – A place for blends, try their Esprit de Beaucastel & Syrah.

Rabbit Ridge has closed it’s main estate facility. Their future is in question as the new tasting room in downtown opened (13th & Pine) and then closed for renovation and is now becoming another winery.

Rocky Creek Cellars

Epoch Winery – Historic facility with some tasty wines at a higher price point, Syrah Block B was great, at $70

Dusi Winery – A winemaker with a long family history in the community.

Cypher Winery – A rock and roll kind of place with wines like Loco, Monarchy, Anarchy, Peasant & ZinBitch.

North East Quadrant (Pleasant Valley Trail)

Graveyard Winery, North East Side of Paso Robles in the Pleasant Valley region. They have a very tasty Port infused with chocolate.

Ranchita Canyon Vineyard – Outstanding Zin and a blended Grenache-Petite Sirah called Fusion. This a very small winery behind Villa San-Juliette. They’re the poorer cousins in back, with the high end guys up front.

Villa San-Juliette – We call this an Edifice Winery, lots of statues, patios, grassy areas owned by television producers. We enjoyed their Chorum Red, a blend of seven wines.

South East Quadrant

Wild Horse – In horse country, of course! Go here if you like Pinot Noir. It is now owned by Gallow Wines and unfortunately closed at this time.

Onx Winery– Blend, blends and more blends of all sorts from the Templeton Gap AVA. Located in the very Southeast side of Paso Robles.


Malloy O’Neill – They are closed. Now called Rails Nap Winery.

Le Vigne Winery – Near the airport, they have Tannat, a good Sangiovese and Sangiovese Port. They also have lots of interestingly shaped pasta, wonderful cheese and great pizza on the weekend….lots to buy.

Sans Liege- They’ve moved their urban store front in Pismo Beach to Tin City in Paso Robles. With eclectic names like ‘Fool’s Errand’ and ‘The Offering’ you should stop here and savor their wines.

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for the wonderful write up about Brecon Estates Winery, we really enjoyed our visit with you! I thought I’d let you know that I’m Welsh (not Australian) and my name is spelled Damian. My wife is from Australia so this happens fairly often. Thanks again for coming to our winery! Cheers, Damian

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