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Santa Rita Hills (Lompoc)

Seeking a Good Bottle of Wine in Santa Rita Hills

Winery Recommendations For A Good Bottle of Wine in Santa Rita Hills……we’ve written about the linked items. Their primary tasting region is in Lompoc, in what is called the Wine Ghetto. It’s an industrial area, very different. Be aware, they are usually closed weekdays, most are only open Friday-Sunday. Even then, don’t count on their schedules to be accurate. We had the feeling that if the surf was up at Jalama, they would open later than their posted hours.

These are listed in the order of our preference, start at the top and work your way down as you taste through the canyon.Just like our wines we are ranking wineries we’ve visited with our star system. When you see ✰++ you need to visit this winery, with a -✰, not so much. Ranked from best to least in descending order.

✰++ Babcock Vineyards – In the canyon, tasty Pinot Noir and Syrah. You need to try their value priced Red Table Wine. Their newest version is Western Sky Backroad, good table wine.

✰+ Stolpman Vineyards – Always good, they also have a tasting room in Los Olivos.

✰ Transcendence Vineyards – Nice wines, focusing on Pinot Noir and the whites of this region.

✰ Moretti Wines- Located in the Wine Ghetto, enjoyed their Bonaccorsi Pinot Noir sourced from Melville Vineyard @ $60.

✰ Melville Vineyards – Nice building with a beautiful picnic area. They have a vineyard cat instead of a dog.

✰ Alma Rosa – Very good Pinot Noir.

✰ D’Alfonso-Curran

✰ Dierberg, Star Lane

✰ Foley Estates

✰ Zotovich Vineyards – Nice wine, a little pricey, and they couldn’t provide a glass to discard a palate full of wine…giving us a spitton to spit into…..not going there again until they figure this one out, give us a cup to spit into so we can enjoy the day, and more wineries.

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