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Foxen Canyon Santa Barbara – Recommendations for a Good Bottle of Wine

Finding a Good Bottle of Wine in Santa Barbara County

Our winery recommendations for a Good Bottle of Wine in the Santa Barbara & Foxen Canyon area….we’ve written about the linked wineries.

Just like our wines we are ranking wineries we’ve visited with our star system. When you see ✰++ you need to visit this winery, with a -✰, not so much. Ranked from best to least in descending order.

✰++ Cambria – Good Chardonnay, hearty Pinot Noirs. Beautiful views of Foxen Canyon opening up to the sea.

✰++ Zaca Mesa – You’ll need to try their Cuvee

✰++ Foxen Vineyard – Good wine, cool people

✰++ Cottonwood Canyon- Organic Chardonnay

✰++ Rancho Sisquoc – We love their Cabernet, and their venue, reminds us of a Hobbit Hole abode.

✰+ Kenneth Volk – Specializes in blends.

✰+ Fess Parker – The wine is good, but you’re really going to purchase one of their little Racoon Skin Hats for your bottle of wine.

✰ Koehler – Interesting blends, including Sangiovese

✰ Presqu’ile- A beautiful modern wine tasting facility right up the road from Cottonwood Canyon. Pricy wine, but good.

✰ Andrew Murray – We’ve heard great things about their Syrahs. Their tasting room is located in Los Olivos, the new hot spot in the area for wine tasting. What were previously gift stores are now becoming tasting rooms for up and coming wineries. We enjoyed their wine, but did not make our ‘buy’ list on this visit.

✰ Firestone- One of our first experiences in Foxen Canyon.

✰ Gainey

✰ Martian Ranch & Vineyard- The receipt says, ‘Served by Martians’, but they’re pouring Italian varietals. A little out in the country on Alisos Canyon Road in Los Alamos.

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