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Lambert Bridge – The $25 Sample Flight

If a winemaker can command $25 for a flight of reserve wines, I think that’s wonderful for him (or her.)

But it isn’t for me.

A $25 for a wine tasting seems a bit high, especially when you are in Healdsburg and most wineries around you charge five dollars or offer a complementary sample flight. Copyright 2013

Lambert Bridge Winery is on the west side of Healdsburg just north of Sonoma. It’s a region we explored recently, finding some wonderful wines and some not so wonderful wines.  This winery had two flight options, a standard flight for $15, and the reserve flight for $25.

The wines on the reserve flight  price points range from $45, a Merlot, to $110, a cuvée.

So what does do $100 bottles of wine from Healdsburg taste like? We wanted to find out so we ventured $25 to sample what these folks create.

We were not impressed. While the wine was good, it just didn’t sing for us. And since the dollar still means something to us, a wine costing $100 has to sing opera, rock ‘n roll and bluegrass all at once to catch my attention. And these wines just didn’t do it.

Here’s what we sampled-
2009 Forchini Vineyard Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley (514 cases)-$55 ✰
2008 Petit Merle Dry Creek Valley Merlot (155 cases)-$55✰
2007 Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County (751 cases)-$95 ✰+
2008 Crane Creek Cuvée, Sonoma County (534 cases)-$110 ✰++
2008 Petit Verdot Sonoma County (240 cases)-$65 ✰+

If you compare prices to the number of cases produced, you’ll see some inverted numbers. I’m used to seeing higher prices with limited production. Yet here we have a $95 bottle of wine with 751 cases produced. As well you can see a $110 bottle of wine with 534 cases produced.

Exclusivity normally commands a higher price point.  When your baseline is a wine like Denner or Justin, with high price points in the $50 range, it’s difficult to pull $100 out of your pocket for wine that does not match up.

You tell me. Is $25 a reasonable price for a sample flight of reserve wines? What do you want from a $100 bottle of wine?

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